I shall , increasing by each day RUN
Daily points are the day of month PLUS a consecutive streak bonus.
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This challenge is just for fun! Please act responsiblity and only embark on any activity when you feel it is appropriate.

The concept is to try to perform your chosen activity as regularly as you feel able throughout November but also push to increase that activity as the month goes on.

For instance, I choose to Run with 1 miles being my unit. Therefore on the 5th of November I should be running 5 miles, on the 10th 10 miles and on the 30th the challenge that day is 30 miles.

The activity is completely of your choosing (try cycling, plank, swimming, sit-ups, anything) and choose a starting unit that is still challenging for yourself once you reach the 30th of November.

Rest is very important in order not to sustain an injury. Therefore, the activity can be spread across a number of attempts throughout the day (e.g. 3 runs) and rest days are advised. The points system is there to encourage tackling the harder days (more points) as well as providing a bonus for consecutive days completed (which increases the longer the streak).

Data is not stored centrally, but once you fill in the details on the scorecard (e.g. ticking the days you hit the specified daily target), the web address will update so that you can easily share your progress or maybe bookmark/save the page in order to return to it each day.

Example Challenge Scorecards:
Run - 1 mile increments
Planking - 10 second increments
Cycle - 2 KM increments
Sit ups - 5 reps increment
Hill run - 1 rep increment
Exercise - 2 minutes increment

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