This page (and the handle “@RideWozzy”) started out in 2014 when I took on my first charity challenge following weight loss and the uptake of daily (commuting) exercise. There still remains a heavy deaf-focus due to the fact my son, Daniel (born v.prematurely at 27 weeks), was the first baby in Leeds to be diagnosed with auditory neuropathy.

Since 2014 I replaced my lethargic lifestyle and have regularly challenged my physical abilities. This has included endurance cycling, taking up running then on to endurance running. I have used these challenges to support various charities but also discovered this is a great way to be a role model not only for myself but show others that everyday folk can achieve goals that seem out of reach.

Crucially, I have now moved over to coaching others directly through run and cycle leading with many regular and reliable groups.  This is on top of supporting various community groups such as Leeds Deaf Children’s Society and Farsley Festival.

I have even swapped my 25 years of IT Consultancy and now applying the project based approach to active lifestyle delivery for commercial units (though the technical edge will be returning!).

I hope anyone investing in my commercial services realises that they are not only receiving my time, but crucially supporting me continue my quest in other community activities.