Ears-On : Leeds

After being involved more regularly with deaf and hearing impaired groups, I noticed how common it was for people not to know what activities are on the go. This advertising type issue is common for all community groups to be honest but I thought I might be able to make a difference for deaf and hearing impaired and try to collate a point of reference.

After recently getting up to speed with WordPress I searched for the relevant tools, created a site and have started to populate the events. Starting with the events from Facebook groups I knew about I’ve extended out, looking for lists of cinema and live performances which have deaf and hearing impaired support.

The site is still very much a trial to see how much effort is needed and the problems I may face. However, I believe it is usable in its current form with many things I can improve on – so if it does become popular, maybe I can find a way for it to be maintained in the long term.

The naming of the site was a combination of me not wanting to use ‘deaf or hearing impaired’ in the title and then asking my son what he thinks it should be called. Daniel came up with ‘Ears On‘, which I think works on many levels and maintains a positive title. I haven’t yet registered a domain, so at the moment the simplest option was to treat as a sub-domain of this site.

As I’ve searched for events to list, I’ve been surprised with how much is available in the Leeds area – I’m glad I didn’t attempt a full county-wide resource from the start, as that would take significant effort. I do have many more resources to look through, so please revisit it regularly especially during these early weeks.

Please visit to take a look.