Farsley Celtic Deaf Youth Futsal Club

At the weekend we enjoyed our first visit to the Farsley Celtic Deaf Youth Futsal Club (was Leeds Deaf Juniors Football Club) which are Futsal-themed coaching sessions for deaf and hearing-impaired children.

Historically Daniel has never been very interested in football, but from the back end of 2018 he started playing FIFA on the Xbox, got more interested in watching Leeds matches (in the pub!) and we then bought a Now TV/Sports stick for his birthday so now watches matches several times per week. He also chooses kids holiday clubs based on whether it’s a football day or not. So he’s started to want to join in the local deaf coaching.


We met Paul (the coach) at the Farsley Celtic sports hall and he explained it’s Futsal (rather than football) which is really a rules tweak and development approach. To be honest, at our experience level, it didn’t make any difference but if you had been coached in football and looking for tournaments, it may be a consideration.

Paul also explained how he uses sign, visual and speech to be all inclusive. This included writing/drawing on a whiteboard to reinforce the instructions. Most participants used sign as their primary language, but Daniel uses speech and he was fine and could later explain to me what had been said.

Posted by Paul Young on Sunday, 3 March 2019


The 2 hour session was nicely split in to segments focusing on the different skills. Daniel really loved it and I know he knew one or two from other groups we go to. He definitely wants to go again, with his only gripe being that he has to wait 3 weeks until the next one – so that’s a definite thumbs up.

As for me, well, I don’t think anyone would be surprised that I nipped around the corner to Greggs for a coffee and sausage sandwich 🙂


Please do join the group and note Paul’s contact details:

  • 07897484879 (text only)
  • Facebook

See also the session dates here: