Light Night Leeds 2017

The nights are fair drawing in…which is great as Leeds gets straight on to it with Light Night!

Part of the city centre celebration is a parade, involving light-artists/performers, runners and cyclists…when you 
think, it’s pretty rare but very forward thinking to involve healthy activities in public displays.  Some of our run leaders from Farsley Flyers were helping Veggie Runners on the running side, therefore I took the opportunity to stick with my first love and join City Connect’s bike parade (again).

For Daniel’s bike, it was a no-brainer, it had to be the Chopper!  The inspiration for this was to attempt to recreate a ‘Ghost Rider’ effect; thinking glowing wheels, eerie bike and trying to set Daniel’s face/head on fire!

I think the final result was brilliant, even if it was closer to Baron Samedi (James Bond voodoo)!


The UV torch (I attached to the bike facing Daniel) really brought out the paint and strips made from a hi-vis vest.  I had hoped to include a smoke effect – seemingly simple, it’s actually quite hard/expensive to recreate on a bike.

My bike always defaults to the one I salvaged and put together for the Farsley Festival last year, which is a great baseline.  I still had lights attached from last year but the controllers had failed, so a spot of rewiring plus adding a another string of lights I happen to have lying around (as you do) and it was spruced up for another year.

Big thanks go to City Connect for arranging this (and obviously promoting cycling in Leeds).  The team worked really well together helping everyone prep bikes before the ride in to town – we started 5 miles away and used the Cycle Superhighway (CS1) which is great when riding with children.  Being a regular ride and run leader myself, it’s great sometimes to let others take the stress of looking after a group!  The ride went well, with no particular hiccups (always a risk with lighting adornments on people’s bikes) and arrived well on schedule to join then lead the parade.

Daniel loved the attention in Leeds – not sure he realises just the amount of admiration his Chopper bike gets, even without lights.  After a while he was riding round then posing for people to take photos, lapping it all up!

Light Night Leeds looked great, so we’re heading back in the next day to look around much more, maybe dressed a little less conspicuously.