Yorkshire 3 Peaks

I made a Sweat Pledge to do the Yorkshire 3 Peaks last year (maybe September) but since then it’s been raining. Today, following our dry spell I decided to try it (never climbed or walked those kinds of hills). I opted for the option of simply downloading a friend’s GPS track from last year, so all my eggs were in the technology basket – no hard maps to be seen.

The original intention was to climb the first hill, see how it went, then run the flatter bits. However, from near the start, I ended up walking with a fella called Shane who was familiar with the routes so was a perfect guide.

He liked the old-school routes therefore it was across the bogs for us (knee deep at one point). We did briefly part ways to see if two paths were about the same – steep climb up Whernside vs the official path…we reached the peak at pretty much the same time, thus reunited for the remaining 10 miles.

Shane was very enjoyable to walk with, and had plenty of tales to regale. In fairness, the majority of the tales were based around how things usually go wrong when he is out and about! Keeping a cautious eye on his every (and frequent) trip and slip we wound our way through the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. While he may have huffed and puffed up the hills, he was a billy goat on the way down.

Would I do it again? yep, maybe if running, next time just include 10k worth on the good paths/roads and see how I get on. Alternatively, I’d definitely return to do it with a group of friends.

Though for now, I have about 3 hours of running club sessions to do tomorrow, so time to crack on with recovery techniques. Plus maybe a glass of wine.