Hi, I'm Richard Warren, and welcome to my page!

This began as my chance to support the charities which have either helped ourselves or our friends, with a strong commitment on children.

However, from 2017, my challenge has focussed on encouraging others to commence an active life and subsequently benefit from the confidence that comes as part of it. This has continued through 2018 though I am progressing my focus that businesses should make a greater investment in their employee's wellbeing to nurture their own communities.

Daniel - my catalyst

Daniel NICU

Back in 2006, our Daniel had to be born at 27 weeks term (1lb 13oz) and was looked after by Leeds General Infirmary's Peter Congdon Neonatal Unit. During that time he was very poorly and spent much of his time in the NICU, but showed his tenacity and fought his way through HDU, Home Nursery and eventually home on oxygen and other support.

Since those hectic days, one by one all the over-hanging conditions were overcome, with just the exception of hearing loss. This has remained as moderate-severe hearing loss but also the more rare 'Auditory Neuropathy' (zero ABR response).

Daniel Roar

Daniel has grown from strength to strength with his unwavering tenacity and cheerful demeanour. Progress at school has been brilliant and loves good old fashioned playing out with friends at home.

Daniel also loves cycling and has also started going to ParkRun. Playing out remains his favourite though and to be honest, clearing up a messy garden at the end of the day is great! - it simply means kids have been having fun.

About Me (Richard)

My main focus for fund-raising started through cycling but 2016 saw me incorporate running. I still have a lot to learn about both; I started sporadically commuting to work in summer '13 on a mountain bike but that continued and increased through the mild winter and progressed to a road bike in March '14 to do proper miles. However, finding time to do those miles is probably the hardest part these days. I only started running at all at the end of 2015, but now completed two marathons and a few 'enhanced' 10k events.

Since childhood, I'd never been athletic and in fact a couple of times had to hit the low-carb diet to lose 6st, though have now managed to completely keep it away for a few years (but still enjoy pies and beer). That just leaves my exercise induced asthma which I re-discovered when starting to cycle. However, since then, cycling has improved it immensely with only the intense sprints and climbs kicking it off - but recovery is now down to seconds rather than minutes.

Thanks to...

I've got to give a mention to those who have hugely supported Daniel and I really believe Leeds provides a 1st class service for children:

  • All the staff at Peter Congdon Neonatal Unit in the LGI for their work (and prayers).
  • The outreach nurses for the home support.
  • The physiotherapists for early motor control.
  • The staff and doctors at the Leeds Children's Development Services.
  • Hearing & Balance and Auditory department at the LGI, whom we see regularly.
  • Speech and Language team, for their continued efforts.
  • The Teachers of Deaf and their continued efforts even with reduced team sizes.
  • All the teachers and support at Daniel's schools through the years and now.

Previous Challenges

Find out more about the challenges I've set each year to benefit charities close to my heart.

2017 - 1,012

I was one of those really 'popular' folk in the running community who was lucky enough to gain a ballot place in the London Marathon upon first time trying. Apologies to those who've been trying for years!

London Marathon

I didn't 'enhance' the event this time round, but if I get another chance I want to repeat my 2016 formula and ride (Leeds-London) to/from the Marathon.

However, I was so proud to be able to throw in a marathon to a normal week - all just through commuting to work actively.

2016 - 1,730

I started running towards the end of 2015, but aimed and succeeded in my first marathon (plus cycling) in 2016.

Hull 10k

Cycled 120 miles plus ran the Hull 10k as my 2016 starter.

Leeds 10k

Time for fun with Daniel

Liverpool Nightrider

Tough 130 canal miles trawl in a day to Liverpool, then Nightrider and return trip.

York 10k

Logistics check for the Marathon with 60 miles of cycling.

Yorkshire Marathon

Tough Yorkshire Marathon (for me) plus wet n breezy 70 miles of cycling for good measure.

2015 - 2,717

Progressing the cycling now that it has become a normal everyday activity for me.

Cycle Leeds-London

Cycle 200 miles Leeds-London to take part in the Nightrider before cycling home.

Leeds 100

Recover from injury to take part in Leeds Children's Hospital 100mile bike ride.

Manchester to Blackpool Nightride

Return to the BHF Nightride for the second year.

2014 - 1,883

Brand new to cycling...


My first charity event and first challenge sparking the confidence to go further.

Manchester to Blackpool Nightride

Interesting twist to ride at night, with special viewing of the Blackpool lights.

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